About Me

Teen Talk was created out of SEEING and KNOWING the need to communicate effectively.  After leaving my old high school one sunny day, I thought, ‘’no one ever showed me how to present’’. It left me feeling empty and fired me up to create a program that is relatable and fun.

I want to give our youth the tools to speak with confidence, communicate clearly and say what they need to say but say it well. I may not be a conventional teacher with a certificate but I know I am a great teacher who gives students a platform to share their ideas, develop their skills and practice being heard. With over 30 years experience working with children, teens & students, I bring a unique perspective to group teaching that is fun & interactive. 

The passion for this skill comes from a place of knowing what it’s like to be paralyzed with fear when one has to speak in front of a group. It also comes from a place of knowing how you can get better. They are both realities and helping teens become masters of their own speaking power is the true gift.

I have so much compassion for them as I  know what it felt like. This makes me incredibly relatable therefore I connect so easily with them. I play at their level – I create the lessons to build a strong connection. When listening, I choose to discuss topics that are important to them. So they feel heard – this is all anyone wants.

Our Story: Since 2012

After a vacay of sun, fun & rum with my hubby, we were pleasantly surprised nine months later when our daughter Adèle was born. I knew as a mature mom that I did not want the 9 to 5 rat race. I wanted to be available and present for our daughter. I launched my Master your Authentic Voice business in 2015 to have a more flexible schedule. In 2016, the Teen Talk Program was born. It is my purpose. 

I have been fortunate to grow the program internationally. The more teens I can inspire and motivate to speak their truth, the better. 


Our Mission & Vision

To make the lessons fun, interactive, diverse – really get them engaged and participating. This is my SUPERPOWER!!! I am here to show them and not tell them!

Having the skill in speaking confidently will empower students to know they can: do anything, go anywhere, be heard and seen.

They won’t shy away from opportunities to step into the light and say pick me!


Let’s connect!

Teen Talk has been helping schools, youth groups and individuals since 2015. The best way to figure out if we are a good fit is to book a call!