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Overview & Approach

According to a recent oracy report, 86% of teachers felt students lacked explicit talk skills to participate in presentational talk—speeches, debates and presentations. This is not surprising after the last two years of online schooling and there is substantial room for student’s confidence to grow with this skill.

Imagine your students had all the necessary tools to create a powerful presentation, complete a school presentation and feel like they have nailed it. Imagine if they could  walk to the front of the class, look everyone in the eyes and know that they’ve got this! 

Teen Talk creates customizable programs to work with students and teachers to help them to achieve exactly this and to give them the skills in speaking confidently so that they won’t shy away from opportunities, but instead step into the light and say pick me!

The ideal program is a minimum of four sessions. We focus on any goals the teacher has for her class but generally we follow the pieces of the speaking puzzle: 

  • We become aware of our language patterns
  • A good foundation in speech writing is a must
  • We explore how to use our voices to be heard & 
  • How to punctuate our presentations with gestures. 

Classes start with an interactive icebreaker (cuz you have to get them talking without them knowing they are talking), we discover content together, discuss and move into the practical part of the session. Students get up and do the thing! 

Seems pretty easy, right?! We can make it as easy as you want. 

I am here to make sure students are leaning into this essential life skill and that teachers be supportive in the communication component of their curriculum.  

The lessons are fun, interactive, diverse – really get them engaged and participating.

This is my SUPERPOWER!!! I am here to show them and not tell them!

Ways to work with me


In-class sessions

My favorite, by far, are in-class sessions. With a minimum of four sessions per class this allows for continuity and more in-depth learning. The energy of a class is lit with interactiveness and fun! Showing them what is possible. For teachers, an opportunity for the talk competency to be fulfilled.


Workshops offer a lighter version of in-class sessions. Usually it is a day long workshop or maybe even 2-3 hours with a specific topic. The focus is on messaging, delivery and increasing confidence, always!

Individual coaching

When students show up for individual coaching, I know they are serious. This is where my intuition is activated the most to help a student pull out what they want to say and create a memorable delivery that will be aligned with who they are.

Online coaching or group sessions

We learned fairly quickly we can work in person or online. Teen Talk has adapted to help students worldwide. Check out our calendar for group coaching opportunities or to book an individual coaching package for focused learning. Don’t worry, the online coaching is as dynamic as the in-class learning! 

Right now, sign up with Top Tutorat for an 8 week online coaching sessions starting October 2nd! See full details on the events page! 

Information Sessions

I get it. You are not sure if we could be a good fit. Ask yourself, are my teens feeling confident about their school presentations?

Teen Talk is a communication program for tweens and teens. The program provides a safe space for students to learn the necessary skills to express themselves with clarity. 

Our students go from scared high schooler, afraid to speak in front of their peers to listen to me, I am here, hear me roar! With interactive activities,relevant content and a proven process, students (and teachers!) learn how to navigate the world of speaking.

Book a call to see how we can be a great fit! Email info@teentalkwithnat.com

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